About Tracy Jackson...

"I grew up in a family of animal enthusiasts and being around them was very natural for me. I always knew that some day I could be working with dogs. In the spring of 2000, I was fortunate enough to purchase The Big Backyard and have since turned it into one of the premier doggy daycare and overnight facilities in Denver.

I started training dogs as an apprentice in 1997 using positive reinforcement techniques (clicker training). Since then I have come across many 'schools of thought' regarding dog behavior and training techniques but none have hit home like Cesar Millan's philosophy. After watching 'The Dog Whisperer', I knew that was the direction I was going with my training. My goal is to help you and your dog maintain a happy & balanced life together."

The treadmill can be a great variation to your dog's exercise routine.

Click on the Dharmapod above to view dogs as they "workout" on the treadmill.

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