Our Philosophy:

Our mission at Dharma for dogs is to help bring balance and harmony to dogs and their owners' lives.

Have you ever seen Cesar Millan's "The Dog Whisperer" on the National Geographic channel? Well, we have and Cesar Millan's philosophy has not only changed our lives but gave us a whole new perspective on dog behavior and rehabilitation. This method intrigued us so much that in the summer of 2006 Dharma for Dogs traveled to Los Angeles to attend a seminar on dog psychology taught by Linn Boyke at ZEN4K9s. Linn Boyke was personally trained by Cesar Millan. We have taken Cesar's philosophy about being "The Pack Leader" and using exercise, discipline and affection to help create balance and harmony amongst owners and their dogs. We have already had wonderful success with dogs that were too aggressive to be around other dogs that now attend doggy daycare.

Often, when dogs are frustrated or lacking leadership they will act out through obsessive or aggressive behavior. Negative behavior almost always arises because of something that we, as owners, are not doing for our dogs. Learning how to be a pack leader and knowing the needs of your dog will help bring balance and happiness into their lives as well as your own. By educating owners and rehabilitating dogs, we at Dharma for Dogs, believe that we can enrich the lives of our dogs and ourselves.

Depending on the severity of the behavioral issue we have many different techniques to help correct them. Most often our dogs' behavioral problem is simply our dog letting us know that we are not fulfilling his or her needs. Dharma for Dogs will help guide owners so they will learn what steps need to be taken to help their dogs become more balanced.

If you have any specific behavior problem or problems that need to be addressed, you can schedule a private consultation with Dharma for Dogs. This consultation includes the expert advice from owner, Tracy Jackson. All consultations include learning to be "Leader of the Pack" and mastering the walk. We will stay up to three hours addressing the issues you have brought to our attention; however, in order for true balance to be accomplished the learned techniques will need to be followed continuously and consistently. In order to help you with this we will always be available to you for questions and concerns.

Dharma for Dogs looks forward to helping you and your pets achieve a happy and healthy relationship together.



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