Services we offer:

Consultations: Consults are 3 hours long. We do all the training in your home. Training sessions are hands on and the skills you will learn will be put into use immediately. You will see results instantly and you will feel confident in your new role as pack leader!

Fees: $350 for one dog; $550 for two dogs.

Travel: There is an additional mileage charge for traveling outside the Denver/Metro area.

Training: Our training follows the concept of Cesar Millan. We will teach you how to be the pack leader in your home and guide you so that you succeed in fulfilling your dog's needs. This training is not obedience training. What we teach you allows your dog to naturally follow your lead. You will become the pack leader and feel in control.

Treadmill Training: With Treadmill Training, we will come to your home and assist you in training your dog to walk the treadmill. We will show you the proper techniques to teach your dog. There is proper etiquette and techniques so you do not harm your dog in any way. The charge is $125/hour.


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