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Kelly and I adopted Makayla (a five-year old female Australian Cattle Dog) in December of last year. She was being fostered in a Doggie Daycare and Boarding facility. She had been at the Doggie Daycare for over a year and prior to that she had been moved around to different adoption agencies over the past three years. She showed definite signs of physical abuse by human and was attacked by another dog while being fostered at the Doggie Daycare. During this time she developed several behavioral problems such as constantly pulling forward on her leash during walks, showing aggressive behavior toward other dogs and strangers, and sometimes chasing cars.

We tried some techniques to improve her behavior but saw very little if any real progress. Kelly scheduled an appointment with Tracy to help with Makayla. Tracy explained to us the reasons for Makayla’s behavioral problems and provided us with the instructions, tools, and training to begin correcting these problems. During the first few minutes of our session walking with Makayla we saw dramatic and immediate results.

Tracy explained the importance of exercise, discipline, and affection and continuing the training on a regular basis. We've seen great improvements in Makayla’s behavior but we know this is not a “quick fix” process that will take constant repetition of the training techniques and methods we learned as well as positive reinforcement for good behavior.

Greg and Kelly Ayers